Sharing Advice for Feelings on Age

   If you're struggling with the thoughts and emotions of your age creeping up on you, this advice I came across is really helpful. I happened upon it through a forum and wanted to share because their message is so good, and really helpful to read on those days you're feeling down about getting older.

 "Feelings are one of those things… They’re not really good or bad, they just are. Reality is you’re not old. But it’s OK to sometimes feel that way. There’s stuff you can do - you’ll have more energy if you’re more fit. If you’re overly stressed look at your coping mechanisms and support networks. If you’re ignoring your spiritual health, I’d encourage you to find a good church (I find in my own faith that when I try to do everything by my own strength I fail). AND realize that feelings are affected by many things - the way you feel today is not necessarily the way you’ll feel tomorrow."

  The way you feel today is not the way you will feel tomorrow... True advice... Each day is a new day that we can start fresh and with a new mindset. So if you're feeling old, or just mentally worn down...don't. Take a nap, read a book, go for a walk, do something that makes you happy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, no matter what age your creeping up on. So go out, put on a smile, and enjoy your life!!!

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