Encourage Your Kids to Clean with a DIY Cleaning Bottle


   A fun way to get your kids interested in helping clean, is to let them make their very own all purpose cleaning solution bottle! Take a spray bottle and cut a piece of paper to fit its size, give your kids some markets or crayons and let them create a "label" for their cleaning solution* bottle. I did this years ago with my son, and he really enjoyed it. He drew a photo of Deadpool and completed it with giving his bottle a brand, designing specific details, and even adding its own barcode. Once his art for the label was ready, we used clear packing tape across the entire thing, to keep it protected, and then some to tape the label on. It has withstood use after use, and I think it looks so cute too! 

   *For the all purpose cleaning solution, we made up a mix of vinegar, water, and essential oils. This is great for allowing your kids to clean their bathroom counters all on their own! Or anything else really. It encourages your little ones to keep things clean, and also teaches them how to do so! This is a fantastic project for any age! 

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