Holiday Decor on a Budget : Thanksgiving Style

   If you like to decorate for the Holidays, but hate spending tons of money on items that only gets used one month out of the year, or maybe cant quite afford the price of decor...I totally get it. It's costly and takes up space for the other 11 months that it is not being used. Because of this, I try to use what I have on hand, to make my holiday decor, or I look for items that can be reused, fit more holidays than just one, and also fit the budget! So I will share with you a list of budget friendly ideas to decorate for the holidays. 
* Make a diy Thanksgiving Garland using only what you have on hand. Check out what I made here, and it didn't cost me a thing.

* Use brown paper bags as table coverings or place-mats for the kids to draw hand turkeys on. Doubles as decor and fun!
* Frame up some free printables to match the holiday theme. A few places you can find them are at: How To Nest For Less, Juggling Act Mama, and Today's Fabulous Finds just to name a few.

* Forage in the great outdoors for leaves and branches that can be dried out and used as decor. Branches work great in a jar or vase, and dried leaves can be used to make garlands, table decor, and more! 
* Hunt for the best deals! I am part of several Facebook Groups that share deals on holiday decor and more, so you really can get up to 90% off on some items, and save big time.
* And last but not least..purchase retail end of season decor on mega sales, to enjoy for the next year!
Have any tips you think I should add to this list? Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know! 

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