Make a Thanksgiving Garland with What You Have on Hand

   Rather than spending tons of money on Thanksgiving decor, I like to use what I have on hand to see what I can make! Of course I like to look for good deal items, but sometimes even those can be pricey. So I whipped together a Thanksgiving Garland using only what I had on hand. 
   I started with some thick brown card-stock paper, but really you can use any paper you like, even a brown paper bag! I cut the card-stock into the size and shape I wanted for my letters to be displayed on, and then got to painting. I used the color Magnolia White, but again you can do any color you like, and I painted a wispy design on them to kind of make a rustic look, then used black paint for the letters. You can decide whatever you want your garland to say... I went with "Be Thankful" because it's a great reminder for me to see everyday :) 
   Once the paint dried, I hooked some string across the wall and secured the squares with mini clothespins, (you could also use tape or paperclips) hung it up on the wall and walah! Thanksgiving Garland done and it didn't cost me a thing, accept for what I already had on hand! 

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