DIY Christmas Cardboard Gingerbread House Garland

     I'm a big fan of making your own decor so you don't have to store a bunch of stuff, that only gets used once a year. So when I was trying to think of some cute Christmas decorations, I came across the idea to make little Gingerbread Houses. This idea is so easy and it makes a great looking holiday Garland, just using what you have on hand. For this project, I gathered the supplies I needed. Cardboard, scissors, string, and white paint. 
   I cut the shapes of houses I wanted, some with rounded roofs, some with pointy ... then I began painting. I gave each house a different design of windows and doors. Once the paint dried, I hung each house onto some string, using mini clothespins I had, but you could also hole punch the tops or just thread some string through. I put the newly made garland on my wall and I'm really pleased with how cute it turned out! And once the season is over, I can either choose to hold on to these little houses for the next year, because they're thin and really take up no space, or I can throw them away and if the desire strikes, I can make them again next year!

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