Using Every Last Bit Of The Watermelon

   While cutting up a hefty watermelon, I had the idea pop into my head, that maybe I could do more than just eating the flesh and tossing the rind. I wanted to try using up every last scrap of the watermelon, all the way down to that bitter rind, and possibly even the skin!
   I chopped up the flesh to keep in the fridge for snacking on. The edge next to the rind got sliced and froze for smoothies. The rind got peeled and julienned to freeze for future stir-fry's, and the skin, well, that's the only thing that made it to the trash, because I decided it wasn't worth keeping, this time around :) 
Though I have heard, people use it for skincare recipes, I will have to look further into this! But look at how beautiful the turn out was! I found it enjoyable, for my organizing heart. 

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