Daily Goodie Box - July 2022

 Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

I received a Goodie Box for the month of July, and it had several snacks and moisturizing products in it. Can you guess which one was my favorite? 
Tranquini - Wellness Drink - This drink was actually pretty decent; it had a good amount of bubbles and a slight hint of a tea-like taste to it. I enjoyed drinking Tranquini while relaxing after a long day. It's a plus, that it is sugar free!
RareEssence - Stress Relief Roll-on Oil - I love roll on oils because they're easier and mess free, and using one to help with stress is exactly what I need. I've been applying it almost daily for a few weeks now, and though I haven't really noticed it make a difference, I do like the joy I feel when I roll it on my wrists.

Artisana Organics - Nut Butters Variety - I love trying new nut butters because the flavors are all so different from one another, especially when cacao is added in! These taste amazing (the hazelnut cacao in particular) but I had a difficult time getting the butter to come out. It was thick and hard to knead together, causing a mess when using, but delicious overall.

Buddah Brands - Keto Bars - I was most excited to try these bars, because, not only did the seem healthy, the flavors sounded delicious! Upon trying them, I wasn't as pleased with the flavor as I thought I would be, but the taste grew on me eventually. I really liked the texture,  and the added chocolate chips were the best!

Dr. Botanicals - Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter - A nice creamy lotion that fits perfectly in your car or purse. It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving a soft hydrated feeling behind. The scent is light and kind of reminds me of the smell of Popsicle sticks, though it is not bad and doesn't linger on the skin.

Beauty Without Cruelty - Leave-In Conditioner - I like the faint earthy scent in this conditioner, and it rubs in to my hair nicely, without leaving any greasy feel or residue (when I use the right amount!). This conditioner helps comb out my tangles and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

Daily Crunch Snacks - Sprouted Nut Snacks - This bag is exactly what it says it is. Full of nuts and dried berries, rather plain, but a good snack for those that like them. Plus, these little bags make it a good snack for on the go!

2x4 Health - Heart Health - Made with antioxidants to help boost heart health and energy, you take just over a teaspoon of this product as a daily dietary supplement. The liquid is orange and has a slight citrus smell. If refrigerated, it lasts 7 days after opening. This is an interesting product, I'm not sure how well it works, but I've read some positive reviews on it.

So there you have it, new products in July's Goodie Box. What products were you most interested in? I definitely recommend the top 4!

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