Daily Goodie Box - September 2022

 Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

   I received a Goodie Box for the month of September, and it included lots of interesting little things! From Beverages to Hand Lotion, and Health Products. Some I've tried before, and some that were new to me...
Ok first up was, hands down, my favorite item in this box...

Coconut Orange Shampoo Bar by Bubbles & Balm. This was my first time trying a shampoo bar and I really enjoyed it! I've been wanting to try one for awhile now, because I was hesitant at how well they would work, but I'm surprised at its goodness. The bar actually lathered really well and the soap mixed into my hair perfectly. It washed out and didn't leave my hair greasy, it was actually very clean and silky! I really like using a shampoo bar, and might even consider switching from bottled shampoo, because it's better for the environment. The only thing I would change about this bar, is I would give it more of a scent. The coconut orange smell is very faint and it doesn't linger in my hair. I would love to continue to smell the scent, even after washing. Can't wait to try more!
Foods Alive Hulled Hemp. I love having hulled hemp on hand because there are so many things you can add it to! Baked goods, salads, pastas, smoothies, and more! It's a good way to get some added nutrients and texture to your food.

Bliss CPD Sparkling Water Bliss. I really wanted to like this drink, as I was looking forward to its calming capabilities...but the taste of it was so bad, it made me think of Alka Seltzer and dried flowers. Unfortunately, I couldn't even drink this it was so bad. Big bummer.
Moringa Superfood Energy Infusion Tea by Miracle Tree, in the flavor of Moringa Cherry Chamomile. This tea has a nice cherry taste, which is unique for a flavor of tea. I didn't like it but I didn't not like it either. I think it's a taste to continuing drinking, to get used to. I imagine it might be delicious with a little cream!

BWC Fragrance Free Hand And Body Lotion. This lotion is moisturizing and didn't really have a smell. I like that it is cruelty free and gets the skin hydrated.

  CBD Cream With Menthol by Shikai. This lotion is soft and hydrates the skin well. I would prefer it without the menthol in it, but it's suppose to be good for you, and leaves the skin feeling cool.

Berry Mix Xylitol Ice Chips. I've tried these candies before and my thought every time, is that they are slightly too tart. The berry taste is pretty strong, I would love to have a more minty hint, but they are growing on me. Good to have on hand when you want to freshen your breath.

Dental Gum, Tooth Powder & Daily Rinse by Eco Dent. The tooth powder tastes exactly like baking soda with a hint of mint, so think sightly bitter minty-ness. It was hard to get it to stay on my toothbrush so I probably would suggest to make a paste with it and rub it on with your finger instead. I didn't really like it because it that baking soda bitterness. The rinse was pretty watery, with a hint of mint, but not a fan... These wouldn't be my go to products.
What product do you think you would most like to try? 
My favorite was definitely the Shampoo Bar!

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