Starting My Day With Nutra Well Vitamins Peppermint Chlorophyll Drops

   Have you heard about the new fad in using Chlorophyll? I've heard many things about it, so I thought I would give it a try and see what I think. It is said that chlorophyll will help detox your body, support the immune system, boost your energy, and so much more! It will even help with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, meaning your breath and body odor won't be as stinky. It can also help clear up skin issues over time. Crazy right?! I've been doing a lot of research on the benefits of using this great natural supplement, so I really hope it's not too good to be true.
   I like to start each day with a glass of Water + two 50mg drops of Chlorophyll, so I can rehydrate and hopefully reap the benefits of this product. I'm not sure what Chlorophyll is doing in my system, but I like that it encourages me to down some water first thing in the morning! I love that these drops are so easy to use, you can literally put them in any drink or take as is. The chlorophyll has a slight green plant like taste with a hint of sweet peppermint. Not bad at all! I love taking mine each morning, feeling like I'm doing something great for my body. I will continue to use and enjoy the product!

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