14 Self Care Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day

   Here's a List of 14 Ways you can enjoy the countdown to Valentine's Day, with a little self love and care:

1. Eat a Heart Themed Breakfast
2. Wear Something Pink and/or Red
3. Get Out into Nature for a Brisk Walk 
4. Make Yourself a Healthy Berry Smoothie
5. Read a Romance Novel
6. Buy Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers
7. Listen to Your Favorite Music and Dance
8. DIY a Valentine's Day Craft 
9. Indulge in Your Favorite Hobby
10. Give Yourself a Complete Spa Day 
11. Make or Order a Heart Shaped Pizza 
12. Watch a Heartfelt Chick Flick Movie
13. Eat Your Favorite Dessert
14. Take a Bubble Bath
 Have a Happy Valentines Day!!

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