Easy DIY Paper Heart Link Garland for Valentine's Day Decor

   A fun and simple way to decorate for Valentine's Day is by making a Paper Heart Link Garland! You can also turn this into a wreath!
    For this craft, all you need is construction paper, scissors, and a stapler. You can choose any colors you like, but I decided to go with pink and red. To make this Garland, you begin by cutting strips of paper ((about an inch or half in size)), one strip for as many hearts as you think you might need. 
   To make a heart, fold a strip of paper in half and press the bottom edge down to form the end of the heart. Then reverse the other two ends, connecting them together to shape a heart, staple the ends and you have your first link! 
   Do this as many times as desired to get your perfect length of garland, and once you have each heart done, you can begin connecting them. To do this, you just staple them together, and you're done! You will have an easy yet cute Paper Heart Link Garland that you can decorate with!

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