Comparing Meats from Butcher Box and Local Grocery Stores


   Is Butcher Box really that great? Is it really what people say, that the quality of meat just tastes better? Well we put that thought to the test for you. Of course everyones taste buds are different, but here is what we found when we put our thoughts on trial, via steak and chicken. 

   We got Top Sirloin Steaks from Butcher Box and two local grocery stores, seasoned and cooked them all the same, without sauce, to fully get the taste of each. We did this same process with Chicken Breast. After the meats were done cooking, we did a blind taste test of each, ranking in order each one we liked. As you can see in the photos, the first thing you probably notice is the difference in size of meats. Butcher Box definitely gives you the smaller size of meat, compared to the others, and their cost is higher depending on what nearby deals you can find at your local grocery stores....but the taste is a noticeable difference. Butcher Box meat has a cleaner more natural taste, as the other meats tasted more gamey. I'm sure this is due to the way the meat is processed in each location. You can read about Butcher Box Sourcing here, where they talk about their care and process for each animal, before processing. I like that they are open and give you detail of the way they do things, so you can feel better about what you're getting. 

   Funny enough, during this process, we actually found that our local grocery stores chicken has near the same taste and quality to Butcher Box. This is great because it saves us money, but now we can stock up on Butcher Box Beef for the best quality. We have also tried their Salmon and Cod, which are by far the best seafood I've had, and their Bacon, which has the perfect ratio of flavor and crunch! So in the end, Butcher Box does seem to win the competition of good meats, but Chicken is easily sway-able, unlike their steak which we much more prefer. If you would like to try your very own Butcher Box meats, I definitely recommend giving it a shot! You can get $50 OFF your first Box, when you sign up through my link below. If you do try their meats, let me know what you think! They also have smoothie options and something for your pets! 

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