Apply To Join the BioMe Gut Health Sampling Opportunity


Apply To Join the BioMe Gut Health Sampling Opportunity

Discover the best of gut health with's free sampling opportunity. Explore a unique chance to seamlessly integrate the power of prebiotics into your life, enhancing your wellness routine in a straightforward, enjoyable way.

Who We're Looking For

We're inviting individuals who are eager to support and improve their gut health through scientifically-backed, natural solutions. If you're navigating digestive challenges, aiming for a balanced gut microbiome, or simply wish to support your overall wellness through improved gut health,'s innovative products are crafted for you.

Participants selected for this special opportunity will receive complimentary products to sample, with the hope that you'll share your honest feedback to help us continue to support gut health effectively.

About Our Products:

Begin your journey toward a healthier, more balanced you with Discover the simplicity and satisfaction of maintaining gut health, backed by the natural power of prebiotics.

Click "Apply Now" to complete the short form to apply to sample, and see what Bio.Me products best meet your needs.

  • Daily Prebiotic Fiber: Enjoy this blend of two prebiotic fibers designed for healthy gut support and biome diversity, promoting a balanced microbiome without the discomfort. 
  • Fiber Rescue: Try our delicious, lemonade-flavored psyllium husk powder for an enjoyable way to improve regularity and alleviate bloating.

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