20 Totally Fun Things To Do This Summer


   Are you looking for some fun ideas to do this Summer? Here are some ideas you can do to spend each day full of fun!!

  1. Go on a Hike and collect rocks to paint later
  2. Pop some Popcorn from the kernels and build a fort 
  3. Make a Bird Feeder and see how many birds it attracts
  4. Design a masterpiece or story mural with stickers and drawing
  5. Pack a picnic and enjoy it on a blanket at the park
  6. Make a Charcuterie Board and have a Movie Night
  7. Build a backyard fire to roast marshmallows and have S'mores
  8. Go to the Beach and collect as many seashells as you can
  9. Make some homemade gummy candies or chocolates
  10. Have a backyard water fight with water balloons or homemade sponge water bombs
  11. Pick some books from the library and set up a comfy reading nook to read in
  12. Go for a bike ride and stop for ice cream afterward
  13. Draw a Village with Sidewalk Chalk
  14. Go pick berries and make a yummy dessert with them
  15. Make Homemade Slime or Edible Playdough
  16. Fly a kite on a windy day
  17. Bake a Cake in cleaned out Tin Cans
  18. Spend the day at the Zoo and Learn some new Facts
  19. Eat some Watermelon and have a seed spitting contest
  20. Have a Hot Dog Roasting with a Buffet of all the toppings

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