SC Johnsons Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning

   I wrote previously, that I received the SC Johnson's Smart And Easy Spring cleaning Campaign kit from Bzzagent. I got to use these products, since I did my spring cleaning today! Each product has helped make it so much more fun! 
   The glade plug is refreshing my bathroom... Pledge has cleaned my table wonderfully and left a delicious lemon smell which is very similar to the smell of jelly beans... The candle brings spring sensations in and cleaning my bathroom is now more fun with the foaming bubbles and toilet cleanser! I also did 4 loads of laundry!! And cleaned my entire home. Too bad I didn't get any other samples for things like vacuuming and laundry ;) But I am so happy with the kit I got!! I love every bit of it and each item definitely made my spring cleaning that much more enjoyable. 
   I also got to try out a Swiffer sweeper/mop. I have been wanting to try this out for awhile now and it was on sale so my hubby got it for me :) I have to say though...I am not very pleased with it :( Everyone made it look so awesome and like it worked wonders...Well...It didn't work so well for me. The cloths for the sweeping part, do not pick up the fuzz very well. I still had to use a regular broom to get the last pieces. The mopping part on the other hand, I loved it! The smell of the mop pad was very nice and I loved that I could scrub the edges of the trim around the walls. It may have been disappointing for the sweeper, but I think I can cope with it as a mop :-)

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  1. Love those swiffer mops! Good luck on your spring cleaning!!


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