Friday, April 22, 2011

My Earth Day Challenge

As I previously posted, I challenged you to make an Earth Day recycled dining area. I hope some of you decided to do this too!! I would love to see photo's if you have :)

For my recycled dining area, I laid an old fitted sheet down on the table, as the tablecloth. I sewed cloth napkins from an old white sheet and used a paper towel tube, cut into strips for the napkin holders & decorated them with clear pebbles. The centerpiece of the table are recycled flowers. For the pink flower, it was part of an apple juice jug, cut and painted, then glued onto a wooden dowel, also painted. The red flower was made from a lid of a yogurt container,cut, glued, and painted; also on a wooden dowel. The flowers were placed in a painted soup can-lined with ribbon & a bow. And inside the can were rocks holding the dowels in place and some fake Easter grass made of plastic :) 

I wanted to do so much more but my son ended up getting sick :( And I ran out of good ideas that i could do in such a short time lol.

I made a meal of basic finger foods; being a meaty roll loaf sided with pickles and orange slices. 

And here's the finished dining area.

That was our Earth Day :) 

Would LOVE to see your photo's if you participated. 
Drop me a link in the comments and I'll check it out!

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