Making a Doll from a Bead

I found these cute little bead head's at a 2nd hand store and found a use for them! My cousin loves dolls, as any girl does :) And she was going in for surgery so I wanted to make her something sweet. I waited til the last minute, procrastination is always a bad idea, I wish I could have spent more time on it... But I did what I could do. I made a body from pipe cleaners, attached the bead head and a sewing thread spool. Glued it on with hot glue for added structure. I glued on several pieces of stringed yarn-for the hair, and found a barbie shirt for it to wear. I then wrapped some lace around it as a skirt and used beads for its feet. It turned out cute...not as great as I hoped it'd look, but she loved it.

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