Melting Down Candles Into Something New

What do you do with your leftover wickless candles? Once my candles all die down, I decided to try melting them and reusing them. I had one very potent, wonderful smelling candle with the scent of pumpkin orange spice. A GREAT Fall scent. And I was sad when it was finished. So I decided to melt it down by boiling a pot of water and setting the candle tin in the water, as it cooled. When all the wax melted, I poured it into a cool puzzled shaped ice tray. I added in pumpkin seeds for a festive mix, but if I could do it over, I would have left those out :)
Anyways, it came out wonderful and leaves a lingering scent wherever you put them.

(I also dipped faux leaves and a few pumpkin seeds in the wax, shown sitting beneath the wax puzzle pieces)

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