Stink Sack Review

I received a Stink baggy from Stink Sack to test out 
and see how well it works with keeping stinky scents in!

"Stink sack is an odor-proof, resealable bag with limitless uses. Imagine those dog treats not stinking up your pocket, carrying bait for your fishing trip or even simply stashing snacks for your kids. Stink Sack makes even your common every day to-do list easier, neater and smell free!"

By browsing through Stink Sack's Facebook page, I found that the Stink Sacks begin by starting out with pure 100% non-toxic PE beads! They melt those down and rolls them and form them into the Stink Sack's. That is really cool.

I tested out the Stink Sack by cutting a ripe Jalapeño in half and placing it inside, sealing the bag and leaving it on the counter for days. The smell never came out! I sniffed my nose right up to the bag and still no smell. The plastic of these baggies must be pretty strong to keep the scent away! I wonder how these would work with the stinkiest of things?

The Stink Sack comes in several different sizes and even colors, which you can check out HERE

You can find more about Stink Sack On Facebook,
Twitter and their Website

I received the above product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. They're good for weed too.

  2. seriously? the stinkiest thing you could think of was a fresh jalapeno? Not sure I trust this review...

    1. You don't have to trust my review, that's fine. But a Jalapeno is the smelliest thing I had in my house, which is why I used that :)


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