Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Since we're SUPPOSE to be moving in 2 weeks, I was really hesitant on setting up our Christmas tree, because the thought of putting it up and taking it down so soon, made me sad. So I had the idea to put up a Charlie brown like Christmas tree on our patio. Me and my son (4yrsold) went on a walk, searching for the perfect "tree" and found a nice sized one. So we brought it home and set it up in a cute tin can I painted awhile back. The can is an old pizza sauce can that I painted white and wrapped a white ribbon around the top and added a tiny bow onto it. But anyways, it's "stem" sat in the can with clear marbles holding it in place. We decorated it with stringed popcorn and dried out orange slices.

It was a lot of fun, but the next day, we found that it had fallen over :( thinking the squirrels or birds probably tried to get the pop corn... :P 
A few days went by and I caved in, to setting up our actual Christmas tree inside. Today we got out our tree and decorations and went crazy happy preparing for Christmas :) Christmas music and all. This soon-to-be move isn't gonna mess with my Christmas spirit :D

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