Medieval Party-Photo Essay

My husband had his 26th Birthday on November 21st (2011) and I wanted to do something special for him. While he was gone at work and school all morning, me and our little boy (age4) 
planned a Medieval Party for him.

I started out by making a frugal birthday garland from an empty cereal box and letter stamps. And I added in some of the Halloween items we used, as decor. The crazy huge hammer weapon-my husband used for his Barbarian costume this last Halloween, and the cute skeleton I bought for my son after Halloween was over, on sale for just under $2.

 I was trying to think of Medieval themed items, that I could make with what I already had 
and came up with a few things.

Bright Red apples... Pieces from my son's dress up box:

Everything Knight/Medieval
And I even made my hubby a "Medieval King" shirt thing to wear :) I took an old shirt and cut the sleeves off and the side seams so it would be an over shirt piece. I printed out the dragon design from google searching online, and just traced over it in permanent marker to make it bolder.

And for the food I made:
Chicken Drumsticks, Potato Wedges, Shrimp n Pineapple Bites over White Rice, 
And Rice Crispy Treat "Chicken drum sticks and Hamburger Patties"

My husband doesn't like cake, but loves Rice Crispies so I went with a Rice crispy "cake" as well:

Our son drew his daddy a picture of him snowboarding and I got my hubby a video game (not pictured) and some Whoop Ass Chipotle BBQ Sauce :)

It was a great, inexpensive small party for my hubby and he thought it was awesome :)

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