Private Selection Food Review

I had the chance to try out Private Selection Frozen Foods, and was sent three free coupons. One for a pizza, one for an appetizer and one for a dessert (which excluded ice cream-sad). The package also included a booklet, a great Private Selection pot holder and five $2 off coupons.

As Private Selection is only found in certain stores,
we went to Fred Meyer to purchase the food. 
Their selections were limited but we contemplated each one...
We decided on:
The Private Selection Barbeque Chicken Pizza, Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets Appetizer and the Mini Eclairs Dessert.

So sad to say, we were not pleased with any of them :(

The Barbeque Chicken pizza is made on a thin and flaky crust, topped with BBQ Sauce, seasoned white chicken, smoked bacon, roasted red onion and mozzarella and white cheddar cheese, with parsley throughout. Sounds good right? Once cooked, the crust came out too I will give the pizza the benefit of the doubt and say it could have been our oven....but the overall flavor of the Pizza was not very good. The chicken had an odd flavor of seasonings, the BBQ sauce was caked on a bit too much and the pizza tasted dry. The best part of it all would have probably been the cheese. 
Sadly this pizza did not pass our liking...

The Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets are tortilla's filled with sauteed chicken, crisp peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and chili pepper. These were probably the worst part of the whole meal. These Trumpets had a very papery flavor to them, making them really hard to enjoy. The chicken inside them tasted old and freezer burnt. They sound a lot and I mean A LOT better then they tasted.
And last on the list...The Mini Eclairs. These are tiny bite size Eclairs which come in a box of 20, and makes them fun and great for parties. They come frozen, topped with chocolate and contain a custard filling. When you are ready to eat them, you either put them in your fridge for 2hours or on the counter for 30minutes. Once de-thawed, you enjoy! Well, these didn't have as much flavor as an eclair should have..and they also had a freezer burnt taste. I know Eclairs are meant to be eaten cold, but since eating them cold wasn't working out, I decided to microwave a few to try them warm. 
I liked them a lot better warm!

Private Selection, so far, has not been a brand we enjoy. And even though the coupons didn't allow purchasing ice cream with them, we decided to try out the ice cream separately. 
We purchased Amaretto Cherry Cordial and German Chocolate Cake.

Both of these ice creams were great! VERY rich in flavor so only a small amount is needed. The Amaretto Cherry Cordial contains northern cherries and dark chocolate bits folded into amaretto ice cream swirled with cordial cream. It makes for a delicious Milkshake, especially if you add in Torani's Peppermint Syrup!
The German Chocolate Cake contains rich chocolate cake pieces folded into chocolate ice cream swirled with caramel pecan sauce. I never tasted the sauce but the cake pieces sure our delicious.

That's the wrap on Private Selection foods. Since everything (but the ice cream) seemed to taste freezer burnt, I'd like to think it was the stores issue and not the company. 
Have you ever had Private Selections Foods? What's your take on them?

Thanks to Bzzagent for allowing me to review Private Selections products in exchange for my own opinionated review. 

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