"Stuck"-DVD Based Study - Book Review

The book "Stuck" is written by Jennie Allen 
and is a DVD Based Study which includes:

--8 sessions on DVD

--Study Guide with story-driven teaching, Scripture study, and short five-day-per-week lessons

--Leader’s Guide for facilitating group study

--Conversation cards help to facilitate more spontaneous and authentic conversation

--Promotional resources for church wide campaign

One kit is recommended for each group of 8-12 women.

    The description I read for the book, talks about how we get stuck in times in our lives and lose our focus on God. Being stuck in places of being broken, angry, scared, sad, ect. Struggling to get out of that "Stuck" place, we might lose out in what God has planned for us. The book is designed to bring women closer together to help one another out, while growing closer to God as well. I didn't have a group of women to share this book with but I do have a few here and there who can benefit from it. I like the note cards, being able to focus on one main thing you may be dealing with... weather it's feeling overwhelmed, or sad...you can just pull out a card and read the question on it, which will help you reevaluate your problem, or read a bible verse that may be on it, which will help you regain focus.

    This is a great Bible Study for a women's group. I think it will help a lot of others who feel stuck in a harboring situation and need God's help to get out. It will also bring one another closer together, and maybe find a new friend or two to be a shoulder when they need one.

I received this book from booksneeze.com in exchange for my review.

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