Dryel 30-min in Dryer Cleaner Review

 Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

   Dryel is said to be an excellent way to do your own dry cleaning straight from home! Or in my case, our apartment laundromat :) Dryel is made for "dry clean only" clothing, or clothing you want to keep looking brand new..

   Now I know we all want to keep every piece of our clothing looking brand new, but that would be a lot of Dryel to go through, if we were to do that ;) But if you have a pair of jeans you want to stay dark, or a sweater you don't want shrinking, then a nice 30 minute dryer Dryel session will do the job. It cleans special clothing that requires hand washing, including wool, linens and cottons. It does not contain harsh chemicals so your clothes will stay the color and shape they're meant to be! Dryel also contains an advanced cleaning technology that removes stains and eliminates perspiration and odor, while getting right down to the fiber, to keep clean!

    I used my Dryel kit on my husbands Dry Clean Only, suit jacket. I began by spraying the "Booster Spray" throughout the jacket and especially on the neck and armpit areas. I then put the jacket into the fabric protection bag and threw in the ultra cleaning cloth. Zipped the bag up and put it in the dryer on medium heat, for 30 minutes. Just as the instructions said. During the 30 minute wait, I imagined how the suit jacket would come out, looking nice and smelling fresh...but that was far from what happened...


   I was really disappointed. The jacket came out damp and wrinkly! I believe the dampness was from the ultra cleaning cloth, because the jacket came out more damp then it was when I put it in the bag. It also had a unpleasant smell. I wouldn't call it stinky...more so, just the smell of the booster spray mixing with heat of the dryer, causing an odd scent.  I'm hoping it just needed some more dry time, because the idea of Dryel sounds really great! I will try it out again and hope for better results, as well as sharing it with others to see what their experience comes of it. On a positive note, the Dryel fabric protection bag is a decent size so you can fit 1-4 pieces of clothing in and have fresh clothes that look newer longer. If it works that is ;)

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