Update on Garnier's Triple Nutrition

 I posted a few days back, my review for Garnier's new Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner 
that I received through Bzzagent and wanted to give a quick update
 for my husband's use in it as well as a few extra tips.

     My husband is still satisfied with these products (and I wish I could be using them..I'm jealous! :P ); he says they are a great set of shampoo and conditioner, still helping with his dry scalp, and getting the job done. I have used them on our 4 year old son as well, and he enjoys the smells. They leave the hair soft and smelling good, no greasy after textures or anything of that.

   I have found that the conditioner works really well for a shaving cream substitute :) It makes shaving even the smallest stubble's, easier, and also leaves your legs feeling so soft and smooth. I love that!

I forgot to mention before, that you can print out coupons for $1.25 off any of the brand’s new high-performing formulas. Check it out HERE.

And don't forget to follow Garnier Fructis on FACEBOOK  to stay up to date with them, as well as enter in Giveaways they occasionally hold! Also make sure to follow them on TWITTER!

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