"Friendship Bread" Book Review!

  "Friendship Bread" written by Darien Gee ...... I wanna start this post off with saying...
I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book!!!

Amish Friendship Bread brings three women together, all in just the right timing, forming a life long friendship with each other.  This book is really heart-felt and sweet. It had some drama in it, which made it feel like a drama movie or chick flick...which I loved;  But there were times I didn't like reading about cheating or tempted husbands, but once that was over with, 
I completely fell in love with the book.

It begins off by, a grieving mother (named Julia) and her 5 year old daughter finds a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread and a starter bag, on their porch, and the daughter convinces her mother to make the bread together and share it with others. Julia finds herself walking in to a Tea Salon, not caring to socialize, but shares her Amish Friendship Bread starters with two new comers of the town and finds herself having good conversation and actually enjoying life again. They each are facing similar emotional tragedies in life, which helps them relate to each other even more and 
build their friendship stronger.

   There's so much great stuff that goes on in this book, I can't even begin to write it all... It is really touching though and also made me crave Amish Friendship Bread so bad! haha. I will be making it soon and I will be sure to post when I do. I hope to find others to share it with and 
maybe make some new friends too!

I can not wait for Darien Gee's next book which will be coming out soon!!

   I highly recommend this book to women looking for a good read..and even men too, if you like this style of books :) You can read more about it at the Barnes & Noble site or on Amazon.

   Please do, as I'm sure you'll love it just as I did :)

  I received "Friendship Bread" through The Family Review Network, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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