Toothpaste to DeFog Mirrors?

Have you ever researched on unusual uses for something you have extra of, or no use for? 
Everyone has right?

   In my case it was toothpaste. A flavor my little man didn't like. It was the kids new Aquafresh kind. And daddy ended up buying him a new Sponge-bob Berry flavor to replace the one lil man didn't I wanted to make "Elephant Toothpaste" but realized it doesn't even require toothpaste to make this! So I researched what I could use the toothpaste on, on something new I've never done, and I came across mirror defogger.

    Everything I read said that toothpaste could defog mirrors!
So I gave it a shot.


I do not recommend this. 


I did as said... Put toothpaste on mirror... "Got Fog?" You can see the mirror didn't fog, right up close to each letter! Does it possibly work??

So I did as the instructions wipe the tooth paste all over the mirror and wipe off and it should not fog up. Well...let me just was a waste of my time. The mirror still fogged up and it was a PAIN trying to wipe the toothpaste off the mirror!! I had to wash it several times until it cleared, and even then, I had to go over it again because it smeared. Oh well. at least I learned :) 

And ended up making a nice little note to myself in the

But who knows...maybe it wasn't the right kind of toothpaste!?

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