Personalized Message From Santa At The Portable North Pole

   Want another fun and exciting way to keep the Christmas spirit alive for Santa and your kids? The Portable North Pole (PNP) offers several products ranging from a personalized video or phone call from Santa, an interactive letter, stickers, door hangers, nice list certificate, books, puzzles, place mats, and more! Everything is sold at decent prices with 5% of the proceeds going towards the Children's Hospital Program. They also have a standard video for free that you can personalize for your children. You can the free video and other products to purchase at their online store.

    I was given the chance to experience the Portable North Pole with 'the Personalized Premium Video package, which features exclusive video sequences, a personalized Christmas carol with your child or children’s names, photos of your children and a several surprises from Santa and his helpers!' As well as a personalized Phone Call from Santa. Santa has a very important greeting and he will pick up the phone and call directly to deliver his personalized message, which runs about two minutes. Personalized messages can include a night-before-Christmas salutation or even a gentle warning to stay off the naughty list!'

    I went ahead and personalized the premium video for my son, while he was at school, so when he came home, I could act as if Santa had left him a message in my email. He was so excited to hear Santa had left him a message, because just last week, he had sent Santa a letter in the mail and kept wondering if Santa had received it or not. When my son watched the video, his eyes were wide with excitement and holiday spirit :) He loved that Santa called him by name (Even though Santa had a slight accent ;) because they didn't have my son's name pronunciation) And he loved that he could pick his name out of Santa's books on the bookshelf. My son was excited that Santa knew he is 5 and in Kindergarten. The personalization of the video makes it so much more meaningful. This video from Santa really made my son's day...leaving him saying "I didn't know Santa would do that! I didn't know he'd make me a video!" it has put him in the Christmas spirit all day..He made himself a Christmasy lunch while watching Christmas movies, and singing the Jingle Bells :)  He's going to be extra excited when he receives his phone call from Santa too! Thank you PNP for making my son a memory he is sure to never forget.

This post is made possible by Child's Play Communications in providing me a free code towards the Portable North Pole products. 


  1. I really use to love this service till I ran into an issue with it utilizing the wrong state name. We contacted support within minutes if placing the order for one if the paid Premium Plus levels and after weeks of no reply were finally told sorry you made the mistake of putting the wrong state so your out of luck. To choose the wrong state not once but numerous times at numerous locations? Sorry not having it and very disappoint at their lack of willingness to help and the lack of communication.

  2. We use a service that has awesome customer service, and a REAL Santa (no fake beards) :) Just go to: Cheers!


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