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I was really excited to read Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin. The cover and title had me intrigued, as I have been trying to find my own things, to make me happier in my own home!

Happier at Home is basically a written documentary of the author trying to find happy pieces in her home, to make her living situations as best as they can be. She dedicated 9 months-a whole school year-to focus on possibilities in her home that she could change to bring out the happiest of it all. She focused on things like her possessions, her marriage, parenthood, her image, the neighborhood around them and how her time was being spent. Each month was a different theme, where she would focus on that main point and work on fixing it to bring out happiness. New scents, organization, memories sorted and on display...several things were done, even having little sections in her home to have happiness reminders everywhere she would look. Through this journey of finding happiness in her home, Gretchen began to find things she liked that she never paid much attention to before. When she brought out happiness in her self, it in turn, made her whole family even happier.

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   When I began reading,  I felt it was slow to get into but the farther I got into it, the more I liked it. I found Happier at Home to be encouraging, uplifting, and motivating to get me to find my own happiness in the things around me. It was a great reminder to pay attention to the small things in life, the little things you tend to look past and forget about. Since I've finished reading Happier at Home, I have made it a habit to see the beauty in things I see daily. The leaves on the trees, how beautiful they are when they fall...the splash of colors I've added here and there in our home, and just the little touches of each of us as a family that I see, make me happy. I plan an eventually doing some sort of a happiness project in my own home or keeping a journal of the things that make me happy. Once I neared the end, I felt that the book was incomplete and more needed to be written for the end, but other then that, the book was a great read that I'm sure you will find it inspirational as I have :)

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