Muffins & Latte's-Torani Syrup Review

Torani Syrup is a great accessory to drinks and many other unique food possibilities. 
It's been around since 1925, with over 120 flavors! It's one of the top syrups in coffeehouses 
and it comes in regular and sugar free varieties.

This year I was given another chance to try out Torani's flavored syrups through SheSpeaks :) I was hoping to get 2 completely different flavors this time around, like Chai tea & Toasted Marshmallow or something lol...but I got Peppermint complaints here because it makes a great minty hot cocoa! And the other flavor I received was hazelnut. Which is great because I haven't tried this one :)

Last year, I used the Peppermint flavoring in experimenting with hot cocoa. That was delicious so I knew I would be doing that again this year :) I also tried it in coffee but wasn't too fond of that one. Also if you remember my post last year, I added the peppermint to cookies and it worked great!

This time around, I used my main focus to be with the Hazelnut syrup since I've never used it before. I had it all planned out to make delicious hazelnut pancakes for breakfast....that was a huge fail :( I figured I could just replace the ingredients calling for water, with the Torani's syrup. This made my pancaked burn completely! lol. Great experience ;) But I turned the mistake into something beautiful... Hazelnut muffins! Follow any Pancake recipe and replace the liquid for Torani's syrup! Just place batter into a greased muffin tin and cook at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes or so...and they come out delicious! Sort of reminds me of a hazelnut flavored angel food cake.
A few months back, we were dining at a restaurant and I ordered a Hazelnut Creamosa. This was one of the tastiest drinks I've had in awhile so I will be making that one of these days too. But with the cold weather coming, I decided to make me a fun little (ok maybe more then one) hazelnut latte.

Now I'm not an avid coffee drinker but occasionally I like to drink it. I don't allow myself to own a coffee pot because every time I drink some, I feel like I'm on the verge of an addiction ;) So I bought myself this cute little tea infuser pot which you may have seen my other posts about-and designated it to be my makeshift coffee pot. It works pretty good and gives me just the amount needed when I really get in a coffee mood. And since I'm not an avid coffee drinker...I don't keep coffee beans on hand. This is where free coffee samples come in handy! Just received two of them 
last week so it was fate to make this :)

I began by brewing up some coffee in my little pot. Once finished, I added cream, a small amount of sugar, and Torani's hazelnut syrup in my cup and added the coffee. Stirred all together and enjoyed! This was easy, simple, and most of all..delicious.

Torani's website has all kinds of recipes and a list of their many different flavors so be sure to check it out! Also, get yourself a $1 off coupon HERE and enjoy your own Torani's syrups! :)

This post is sponsored by She Speaks and Torani, in providing me with two 750ml bottles of Torani Syrup, a brochure, and five $1 off coupons to share. All opinions are my own.

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