Do You Use Borax?

Sodium Tetraborate, commonly known as Borax, is made from the evaporation of seasonal lakes. It is an 100% natural mineral from the Earth, with nothing added to it, making it a great assistant in keeping your laundry the best it can be. Borax works as a softener to your clothing, and eats through the hard water that contains calcium and magnesium, in which a lot of homes have, that does not allow detergent to thoroughly clean as it should. Borax works as a boost to maximize you detergents cleaning power and also helps keep stains away. If you use 1/2 a cup of Borax with your regular detergent, your clothes will be much cleaner!

Borax also works great in dishwashers, on carpets or rugs, toilet bowls, garbage disposals and drains, and as a great ant killer too! It has many uses and on the back of the 20 Mule Team Borax box, they give tips for using it, which is very helpful!

I had a weird coincidence when I received my box of Borax...I was talking to my husband about receiving it and said "If only we got this when we lived at our old apartment, we could've used it to kill the ants." Our old apartment had ants really bad. Those little annoying sugar ants. So I would've loved to have Borax because I've heard it kills ants greatly, and everything we tried seemed not to work. We could never find Borax in stores though, and if we did, it was a lot of money! Anyway, not long after I had said that to my husband, we began getting ants!!! We've lived in this apartment for over a year and never had a problem with ants here until now. So thank goodness I have Borax this time around! :) I sprinkled the Borax all over the infested area (which thankfully had just began so I nipped it quick) and I haven't seen ants since. (which was 2 days ago) So I'm hoping it did the trick :)
I've also heard there's some great crafting ideas that you use Borax for too! So I will be looking into, that and posting as I go :)

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