Kiss Nail Dress Nails Review

Kiss Nail Dress is fashion that sticks! They're fun little stickers you put on your natural nails, giving them the added touch of beauty without having to wait for any dry time!

In each Nail dress kit there are 28 stripes in 14 different sizes to fit your nails as needed, a file, and a nail design booklet to see the many other nail designs Kiss has. I've been wanting to try these out for awhile now so when I received Kiss Nail Dress in my Influenster Vox Box kit, I was excited :) I'm not totally fond of the pattern I received, as it's leopard and that's just not my thing, but it was still fun to try and looks great on toes! :)

I imagined these to be much easier to put on! To be honest, it was kind of annoying lol From the instructions on the box, I thought the excess sticker parts would come off easy by using the nail filer, but that didn't work very good. I used my nail clippers to clip the sticker pieces off, then I filed them down and that turned out a little better. The texture of the nails feel funny on my real nails and gives me the urge to peel them off lol, but they're said to last 10 days so I want to keep them on for as long as I can to see if it holds to the truth. I browsed through the other Nail Dress art and there's some cute ones, in 21 different styles! I love the idea of having nice looking nails without having to paint them and wait for them to dry... but after my experience in putting on Kiss Nail Dress, I would rather have the waiting time in drying, then struggle with getting them on right. The video below shows how to apply the nails and it looks so much easier then it actually is! For me anyways ;)

You can find Kiss Nail Dress at several different stores including Walmart and Target and they retail for about $6.99 a box. You can also visit them on their website as well as Facebook and Twitter.

The above product was provided by Influenster as a part of my Holiday 2012 Vox Box to review. All opinions are my own.

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