Comparing Two Like Chips

I was at Fred Meyer the other day, purchasing my BzzKit goodies, and once we got to the checkout, I realized I had the wrong brand of chips! I grabbed the Lay's instead of the Kroger Co. Brand the coupon called for! So we went ahead and purchased the bag of Lay's and I went back and found Fred Meyer chips to use the coupon on. Going home with two bags of chips, both kettle, and both mesquite barbecue, I had the bright idea to compare and review the two!

 The Lay's came out with more flavor and seasoning, but they were really thick and so much crunchier then Fred Meyer brand chips, which were really crunchy as well.

The Fred Meyer Brand had less flavor and crunchiness, but a lot of the chips were folded over. I like folded chips but when these ones were already crunchy, the folded ones made them doubly crunchy and super loud to chew. lol.

They both basically contain the same ingredients and nutrition value, making them almost the exact chip, just in different packages. But because one chip has a different texture then the other, it must be due to the anti-caking agent, silicon dioxide? lol I have no idea but in the end I -surprisingly- found the Kroger brand to be better! But only because the Lay's was just way too crunchy.

What's your favorite kind of chip?

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