Kroger's Deli Fried Chicken BzzAgent Campaign Review

As a BzzAgent, I was able to try out the Kroger Family stores, Deli Fried Chicken, as well as their brand name Kettle chips, and a Coca Cola drink product. I used my freebie coupons at our local Fred Meyer, finding the chicken right up front by the deli, with the drinks beside it for easy pickup! I had to hunt down the Kettle chips the chip isle! I ended up grabbing the Lay's kettle chips, not realizing they weren't the Fred Meyer brand-which was what the coupon covered-so I purchased the Lays, then found Fred Meyer brand chips and used my coupon on those. Came home with two bags of chips, same flavor, different brands...So I decided to do a comparing review on those, which you can find HERE :)

     It was nice not having to cook dinner for the night! The deli chicken was already warm and smelt good, just like fried chicken, but it was a bit greasy and seemed like it had sat for awhile since it had been cooked. It was really juicy but lacked crispiness and flavor in the larger chicken pieces. The smaller pieces, like a drumstick or wing, had much better flavor, which my husband (who is from the South lol) said they tasted better then KFC but not as good as Popeye's (or home made of course). But 8 pieces of chicken for only $6.99 is a great deal,
especially if you're needing a quick dinner with enough food to feed your family!

The Fred Meyer brand Kettle chips we picked, were the mesquite barbecue flavor, which were really crunchy, with several of them being folded. I like my chips folded, it makes them more fun to eat, and usually taste better, but with them being so crunchy to begin with, it made for some loud chip eating lol. With our food, we got a 1.25L bottle of Coca Cola. We aren't much of a soda drinker family, but having a Coke Float made a fun drink for me. My husband use to drink Coke growing up and he said comparing to the Coke then and the Coke now, it seemed sweeter and more carbonated. But that could just be because we don't drink soda very often and our taste buds aren't use to it ;) I did find that if you mix Coke with French Vanilla ice cream, it tastes a bit like cheesecake! So that was pretty cool :)

   Kroger Deli's carry, not only fried chicken, but also Rotisserie and baked chicken, which is always taken from the best quality, being fresh, and never frozen. They offer their chicken to be hot and ready for purchase between 11 A.M. and 7 P.M. and if it isn''s Free! Kroger also has a Meal Bundle for $12.99, which contains an 8 piece pack of deli fried chicken, two hot side's and a 4-pack of King's Hawaiian Dinner rolls or biscuits. Another great deal for families on the go. And it's cheaper then KFC! You can also contact your local Kroger Co. Family of stores to host your parties, picnics, potlucks and more!

This post is made possible by Bzzagent in providing me the above products to test and review. All opinions are my own.

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