The Epica Seasoning Injector Review

The Epica is a 2oz Seasoning Injector made ready for Brisket, pork shoulders, and other large dense cuts of meat. It is made of Stainless Steel so it won't bend or break and it has a 3-ring handle so you can have a secure grip when using. It has silicone gaskets to prevent any leakage of seasonings, giving you the choice of either a liquid or a solid marinade; with one needle (6") having multiple holes for maximum dispersion, or the other needle (also 6") with a large hole in the end that allows solids such as minced herbs, onions, garlic, ect., to pass through without getting stuck. The needles being 6 inches long will help send the flavors deep into the heart of the meat, giving it intense and delicious flavors throughout.

I used the injector in a nice hunk of beef. I like how the injector is heavy duty and seems like a good piece of equipment to have, but once It came down to using it, I was kind of disappointed. The instructions were easy to follow, and once I applied a coat of cooking oil to the inside, the injector cooperated better. But the needle said for sucking up liquid marinades didn't want to work for me. I followed the vacuum sucking directions and the little holes throughout the needle made the liquid not able to suck up well. So I switched to using the other needle, made for thicker marinades, like minced garlic of onion, and it worked much better in sucking up the liquid. I stabbed the hunk of meat and pushed the marinade into it, finding it to be a lot more difficult then I imagined. You have to apply a good amount of force to get that thing in! lol. My husband, who is the chef in our family, feels like, although the metal feels heavy, it seems cheaply made...and that the parts that are made connected to each other, feel loose and clunky, much like they don't fit solidly. He says he wouldn't spend more then $10 on this product. All in all, it's a descent product if you're not looking for top quality. Having a stainless steel injector is always better then plastic ones that get tossed out after one use. And in the end, all that matters is the difference in your meat and how it turns out. Mine turned out great so the injector must have done something good! :) The meat came out perfectly seasoned and tender.
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