Cooking with 10" Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

The 10" Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, is a durable cooking pan, made with a natural stone coating, derived from Germany with a heavy-gauge die-cast-aluminum interior. Unlike other traditional cookware, the Ozeri pan is 100% PFOA-Free, keeping harmful chemicals away. Being that it is non-stick, it is also eco-friendly, which means not needing to use cooking sprays! It has a scratch-resistant coating, making it easier to clean and it contains no trace of harmful chemicals or metals. Its handle is made of a heat-resistant silicon, for comfort and protection and it has a magnetized base for rapid heat transfer, made to heat quickly without needing to turn your stove top dial past medium.

I found this pan to be wonderful! I seasoned the pan per instructions, wiping 1/2 tsp of Olive Oil throughout. It holds to its word on being non-sticking and I only needed to hold the heat on medium 
or just below, to cook thoroughly. (Using a wooden utensil keeps the pan nice, and long lasting.) 
I love the size of it, fitting a burrito size tortilla shell to brown on both sides with ease. It cooks evenly and the washing afterward is so simple! This pan has become my new favorite. Having good pan makes cooking more fun so this pan is a great one to have.

My husband, who is the chef in our family, agrees. His words were "I want a whole set of these pans!
And anybody who knows my husband, knows...he only likes top quality!

UPDATE: the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan made me like Eggs again!!! I have hated eggs for a very very long time... Even while using our great Rachel Ray pans! But when I made scrambled eggs in the Ozeri Stone Earth pan, they came out amazingly delicious!! A shock to my taste buds. It must be the way it cooks to make them so good. Even their color is better! 
I am in love with this pan and truly recommend it!! 

*Side Note: The Handle does get hot. Be careful.

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for purchase, and more information+reviews.

This post is made possible by Ozeri in providing me the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan to review. 
All opinions are my own.

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  1. This one looks good! We have seriously ruined all of our pans - I need something durable!


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