Purex Ultra Packs+Oxi Pods Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Purex Ultra Packs+Oxi Pods is a new convenient and easy way to wash your laundry. These little pods are full of a formula so powerful, that it works to fight over 101 of your tough stains! They are made with a concentrated DirtLift Action with 2x the cleaning powder, leaving your clothes brighter, whiter, and cleaner! Ultra Packs makes washing laundry that much easier. You just drop in one little pod into your wash, add the clothes and wash as normal! The pod dissolves quickly so make sure your hands are dry when handling.

   I love these Purex Pods. It really does make washing laundry much easier and convenient. Having to haul our hamper full of clothes, clear across our apartment complex to use the laundromat, is hard as it is. Adding on a jug of laundry detergent just makes the load even heavier...but Purex Pods lessens the load and allows me to just carry the amount of pods I need, as I take it to the laundromat. Much simpler. I love the smell Purex leaves on my clothes too and the fact they get stains out while cleaning is perfect!

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*This post is made possible by Purex, for allowing me to be an Insider and providing me with the supplies to test and review. 


  1. Baby clothes! They're adorable and they always make me smile.

  2. jeans for sure

    pin as jacksondeb

  3. My newest grandbaby's clothes. They are so tiny and I just think of all the potential in such a little bundle.


  4. I like to fold towels when they're warm and soft from the dryer!

  5. I know this sounds weird but I like to wash the sheets that are already clean in the linen closet so that they smell extra fresh before putting them on my bed. So I really do double work-wash the already clean sheets then wash the sheets that were dirty. I have several sets of sheets as I like to mix & match patterns & colors.

  6. fave laundry is a fuzzy bathrobe just out of the dryer

  7. Towels are my favorite to fold because it is easy

    Jeana O'donnell-Murphy


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