Toys R Us: Dragon Bolt Review

 As part of the Toys R Us Valued Customer program and Birthday Club, we occasionally receive special coupons from Geoffrey the Giraffe. Recently he sent us a $10 off $10 or more coupon card, as a thank you for shopping with them. Every time we receive mail with Geoffrey the Giraffe on it, 
my son always knows it's for him :) So he opened the card and knew it was something special! 
I explained to him what it meant and he tucked it away in his little wallet, for our upcoming trip to Toys R Us. When we went on our trip, we let him pick out anything he wanted, within range of $20. 
He chose the LEGO Hero Factory Dragon Bolt, which was $21.99 (now it's on sale for only $17.99!!!)
We used the $10 off coupon and paid a total of $11.99.

 Once we got home, he completed this set shortly after... His response to the complete Dragon Bolt was "This is my most favorite toy right now!!!" For those first two days, he took that thing everywhere. 
He even sat it at the Dinner table for all meals! Haha. 
He loves it and continues to play with it just about daily.

*You can sign your little one up for the Toys R Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club HERE
*Purchase your own Lego Hero Factory Dragon Bolt HERE

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I reviewed the above product at to be entered for a chance to win a $250 Toys R Us gift card. 
No compensation involved. Only the $10 off coupon.

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