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*I received Toopy and Binoo products in exchange for a post about the show. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

"Toopy and Binoo" is an animated series of kid shows, that follow the fun adventure of a mouse and a cat, reinforcing positive values, good manners and more! This series is a phenomenal hit in Canada, and now we get to bring it to the U.S.!

Here is a little bit about the characters in this show: Toopy is a spontaneous and friendly mouse who loves to talk about the fun adventures him and his best friend, Binoo, go on. And Binoo is a tiny, clever and loveable white cat who keeps his words quiet but gets his point across using gestures and actions. Together, they explore their colorful and exciting world, teaching about friendship, good manners, creative thinking, and more, while encouraging children
to use their imagination.

I watched Toopy and Binoo with my son and just loved it. The beginning song is so catchy., I find myself singing it all day long ;)
I think our favorite episode is when they made the Peanut Butterbot. My son liked it so much, he wanted to make his own Butterbot craft! So that's just what we did :) Check it out here!
This show is such fun for little ones. My son is 6, and he tried telling me it was boring at first...but the more he watched, the more he liked, and even requested to watch it again the next day! 

The Toopy & Binoo series is aimed towards children ages 2-6, with each episode filled with laughter and fun, it's something the whole family can enjoy! 
You can find more than 100 full five-minute episodes of Toopy and Binoo on YouTube at

As well as visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

*To learn more about the show and have a chance to win prizes,
join the #ToopyandBinoo Twitter party today at 1:00pm EST time February 20th! :)   {Hosted by @ToopyandBinooTV @ResourcefulMom}

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