Arm & Hammer's Truly Radiant

Arm & Hammer's new Truly Radiant toothpaste is made to not only whiten your teeth, but also clean, strengthen and repair tooth enamel for a radiant smile in just 5 days! It is made up of a unique formula of baking soda, active calcium, fluoride and peroxide, which restores the gloss and luster of your teeth, and clinically proven to beautify your teeth when you use as directed. For an extra clean sensation, pair Truly Radiant toothpaste with Arm & Hammer's Truly Radiant Deep Clean Spinbrush! The spinbrush is a battery-powered toothbrush that is made to remove 100% more plaque then an average manual toothbrush, and it easily cleans those hard-to-reach places with its dual action brush head. This spinbrush is not only cheaper then most rechargeable brushes, it is also reusable, as you can change out the brush heads as needed.

The first time I used Truly Radiant toothpaste & spinbrush, the vibration of the tooth brush drove me crazy. It reminded me of when I get my teeth cleaned at the Dentist...something I hate!  But after I got used to the vibrations, I really enjoyed brushing with it. I could see my teeth getting cleaned by the second. It was really fun to watch, and swirl around my mouth. Using the Truly Radiant toothpaste was also pleasant. It has a nice minty flavor, and I could see my teeth brightening with each use. The next day I went to use the spin brush again and it was such an uncomfortable experience, it was like my mouth was sore from the previous use. It felt like the dentist was drilling my mouth. I couldn't handle the vibrations! I think the spin brush might have too much power and seems like it should only be used once a week to get the down in the cracks clean feeling. Though, I do enjoy how clean my teeth feel afterward, I will stick to my original manual toothbrush and use the spin brush weekly, to save my teeth from the pain. The toothpaste itself oddly taste different when it's on a normal toothbrush lol. Both my husband and I have been using it daily and have loved the results in brightening our teeth, and giving a clean feeling, but the baking soda flavor is strong... the mintiness shields that somewhat...but my husband said it left a weird aftertaste in his mouth...something like hotdogs! lol. I didn't experience that, but I guess everyone's taste buds are different! All in all, I think the Truly Radiant teeth regime is a good one,because it whitens without the horrible flavor other whitening toothpastes have,  but the spinbrush is really not for those with sensitive teeth.

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