ProFoot Pedi-Rock

ProFoot Pedi-Rock is the first soft foot file that is ergonomically designed to the shape of your foot, giving you the ultimate foot file experience. It is made up of silicon carbide crystals, made to remove the toughest calluses, giving you those soft and smooth feet. What's even cooler, is this pedi-rock can be used wet or dry, so you can bring it with you in the shower! 
Although, if you don't have perfect balance or a shower careful! ;) 
After use, just rinse off the pedi-rock and let it air dry for the next use!

(front and back photo of Pedi-Rock)

The first time I used the ProFoot Pedi-Rock, I took it with me in the shower. That is when I realized I don't have the balance I use to! lol. But I scrubbed the crunchy parts of my feet as best as I could, expecting super soft feet when I got out. They actually felt rougher then usual. Until I applied lotion and waited for a few minutes. Some of the rough calluses were smoother, but not as good as I felt it should have done. So a few days later, I used the Pedi-Rock on dry feet. This worked so much better! Though holding the rock is a bit of an odd feeling, it scrubbed my feet much better using it dry, and made my feet nice and soft! I don't absolutely love this product, as I feel using other foot scrapers work better, but the squishyness and the idea of this product is fun!

ProFoot Pedi-Rock sells for a retail value of $8.99. 
For more information visit ProFoot on Facebook and Twitter.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 
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