Vitamin Shoppe's Next Step Fit N' Full Protein Shakes

 The Vitamin Shoppe's Next Step 20oz JAXX Shaker Cup is BPA Free and made of FDA food grade plastics. It is great for protein shakes, sports drinks, nutritional drinks, and more, by having a cute little "jaxx" inside, that helps the powder mix with the liquid.
I received three packets of Vitamin Shoppe's Next Step Fit N' Full Protein Shakes to review,
in the flavors Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Fresh Berries.

The first shake I tried was Swiss Chocolate. It was easy enough to make, but no matter how much I shook it, some of the powder wouldn't dissolve so I had powder balls in it lol. The taste is rich, strong of powdered milk. Kind of chalky and has a strange plastic/chemical taste. It gave me a stomach ache like I drank milk (lactose intolerant).. 
 French Vanilla was just as it sounds, a sweet, french vanilla flavor that tasted better then the Swiss Chocolate. This time I tried mixing it without the jack inside, and it seemed to mix better, but I still had a few powder balls throughout. It seems like the powder would dissolve better in warm water, but flavor-wise, that just sounds gross.
The Fresh Berries shake was my least favorite of the three. This one really didn't want to mix up so it left me with several clumps. The first initial taste was ok, a nice berry sweetness, but the aftertaste was horrible. It left me with the taste of throw up. Not the greatest.

Each of these shakes are made to support reduction of body fat and reduce hunger and cravings. They do not contain any yeast, citrus, fish, animal derivatives, or artificial colors. When I drank a shake for each morning, I never felt like it was a full meal. I got hungry about an hour later after each one, so that was a bummer, seeing these are considered a quick and healthy meal. Though the shakes contain some good things, I can't recommend this product since I didn't care for it.

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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 
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