The Legend of The Candy Cane - Book Review Legend of The Candy Cane written by Lawrence O. Richard, is a cute story about a stranger that rides into
Prairie Town and all the townspeople wonder what he is up to. This little girl named Lucy decides to be brave, and confronts
the man on why he is there. She asks him if she can have
a job working with him, and he allows her to help unload
his boxes. As she unpacks the heavy items, she see the
glass jars and wonders what the man might use them for.
Lucy secretly makes a wish that the man was building a
Candy Shop.  After all of the glass jars are unpacked, they begin
to open a new set of boxes. Box after box, Lucy finds each
box is packed with different candies... lollipops, gumballs, peppermint sticks, taffy, and her favorite, gumdrops!
Her secret wish had come true!

They came to the last box and when she opens it, she finds it is filled with red and white cane shaped candies she has never seen before. The man explains to her that they are Candy Canes. He tells her the story on them and how they originated. The red stripe that stands for the blood that Jesus shed,
and the white, is our sins He washes away. Lucy liked the idea of Candy Canes so much, that she wanted to share the story with the others. So her and Mr. Sonneman, the Candy Store owner, gave out candy canes to each and every person, announcing the grand opening of the store
and telling about the meaning of Candy Canes.
This book was such a sweet read. I love the cheery and colorful illustrations, bringing the story to life, with such cuteness throughout. I remember being told about the legend of candy canes, when I was
a little girl, so sharing this with my son was not only nostalgic, but inspiring as well. Seeing him learn about candy canes in a different point of view, while eating a candy cane as I read,
makes this another enjoyable Christmas book added to our collection!

You can find The Legend of the Candy Cane 
available for purchase at for $9.99

This review is made possible by BookLook Bloggers,  in providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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