New Costumes Means The Dementor is Here!

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

Having a child who loves dressing up as super heroes or scary creatures means he has a love for getting new costumes to try! As part of the costume reviewers, I was able to choose a new costume for my son to review, and he picked the Dementor Child from Harry Potter.

The Dementor Child is a scary looking creature from Harry Potter that sucks the life and happy experiences out of people, leaving them feeling hopeless and sad. This sounds like a horrible thing for kids to even know about, so I wasn't sure on letting my son review this, but when he told me what a Dementor does, I thought it was too funny to not let him. He is 7 years old, and said to me "A Dementor kisses people to their death." and went on to show me what they do, with their kissy faces and everything haha. It was hilarious! So I figured I would let him receive the harmless ghoul of a character. 

The Dementor Child costume comes from The Costume Super Center for a regular price of $29.99 but often have deals to get it on sale. (Follow CSC on Twitter for deals and costume ideas. And Click here for all the costume choices.) The Dementor Child costume includes the long black robe that has tattered edges and lengthy sleeves to look eery, and is made of polyester. It has a skeletal shaped chest piece that is made of foam, and a ghoulish mask to mimic the Dementor's haunting expression. 

It is available in Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14) Sizes. 
I chose the medium size for my son and it fits him well, although he says the chest piece would be better if it was smaller. He was a little dissapointed with the mask, as it is not made as well as the picture on the package shows, but otherwise, he still likes it. He waited everyday, for the costume to arrive. As soon as it did, he put it on! It goes best with all black clothing, so it blends together to complete the eery shadow of a look. If you have a child who is in to Harry Potter and mythical creatures, then this costume would be perfect for them!  Plus without the mask, you become, a "headless horseman" as my son said! :) He had a lot of fun reviewing this costume!

This post is made possible by Costume Super Center and the Costume Reviewers Admin 
for providing me the above costume in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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