When A Company Falls Through...

What do you do when you're stuck with a review to fulfill and the
 company doesn't send you the product to review? 

After several attempts of emails to the company with no responses, I am left, stuck with this space to fill, just so I don't get a negative mark on my review account status. This problem has seemed to be increasing, not just with me, but with other bloggers too. A company selects you to review their product and either gives you a code to purchase said item, or they ship it to you themselves. You wait weeks for the item to arrive...and it never does. Or the code the company has given you...doesn't work. And the refuse to respond to your emails. This is such poor quality in the company. Their unprofessional attitude makes me worried how they might treat their paying customers! Sometimes the negative reviews on said company go unnoticed. But I am another blogger who sits here, wanting to let you know, there are some shady companies out there, so just be careful. 

Here are a few of my posts on some certain companies that 
have shown their unprofessional management:

SOI Co. Soy Candle
StickerHub Stickers
Work Toys: Bo-Po Nail Polish
OzNaturals  Ocean Mineral Facial Tonic
Skas Marketing Stainless Steel Trash Can

I will add more as they come, because unfortunately, they will come as long as I am
 a Product Reviewer...Feel free to comment with yours below!

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