Skas Marketing, and Their TRASH. - Disappointed Review

Yet another company that has failed to follow through...

Skas Marketing, and their Stainless Steel Step Trash Can.

   After they approved me to review their product, I was sent a code that was to expire so soon,
I didn't even have time to check my messages for the code and make a purchase. After emailing to explain the situation, I was sent another code. This code did not work. After several attempts of emails to the company with no responses, I am left, stuck with this space to fill, just so I don't get a negative mark on my Tomoson review account status. 

Nothing to say about this trash can since I didn't receive it for a review... But reading some of those 1 star reviews on Amazon are pretty funny! Especially when you work with a company that betrays you. This compact, stainless steel, skid free trash can holds trash. So in this company goes!

{I NEVER received product mentioned above in using }

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  1. The same thing happened to me. I applied to two Skas Marketing products on Tomoson. For the first, they sent me a promo code which didn't work, and when I told them about it, they sent me another promo code that also didn't work. Then they approved me for the second product, and again sent me another promo code that didn't work. It seems as if they either have no clue how promo codes work, or it's some ploy to get me to inadvertantly buy their products.


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