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I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Uncommon Goods has a large variety of household items and gifts to choose from, including jewelry, wall art, dishware, toys, and so much more! There is truly something for everyone, making it the perfect go-to shopping site for fun and unique items. I recently had the opportunity to review a handful of items from their site, mostly items to add to my kitchen. 

I am very pleased with my purchase, finding items from their easy to browse pages was a lot of fun but hard to choose just what I wanted because there are so many items I love! I decided to go with some useful items that I needed around the kitchen, and a little something special for my husband since both me and my son had some fun with purchases. 

The first item I chose was the 6 Piece Baker's Storage Set, so I could store my sugar and flour, as well as other items, in organized little containers. Each container is a different size and contains a vacuum sealed lid to keep goods fresh and long lasting. You can store many different things in these containers, including snacks and homemade goods. I was most excited about the largest container, as it holds up to 5lbs, making it perfect for holding flour. My excitement quickly faded when I saw the bottom was busted, so I can't use it to hold flour like I hoped. I ended up taping the bottom of the large container, and am currently using it for cookie/cracker snacks. It's holding up, but without the tape, crumbs can easily fall through which is why it can't be used for flour. According to some reviews I've read, this seems to happen to quite a few shipments of this product. Pretty disappointing...But the other containers are as they should be so that is at least good.

I'm not a big Math person, but I thought the Proof is in the Pudding bowls were so cute! I love the "British-style pudding basin" size and creative Math theorems to read with every bite. Inside the bottom of each bowl holds the answer, or proof, to the theorem. These make such a great gift for Math teachers or those that really just love Math. Four bowls come in this set. They stack together for saving space in the cupboard and they are heavy duty, durable pieces that look great for any snack. I think they're perfect for holding ice cream :)

Since I received a set of bowls, I decided I needed some new plates to go with them. I went back and forth on the plates I would choose, but these ones caught my eye. The Stoneware TV Dinner Trays speak nostalgia all over them. The days when we would get frozen microwave dinners as a kid, though those trays were black, I was just reminded me of them, and they're just so stinkin' cute! These plates are made of durable heavy duty stoneware. They're amazing because you can even use them in the oven! I love the little compartments so you can separate your food as needed...They came in handy when we got takeout and wanted each item in its own little spot.

Because the previous plates only came in a set of 2, one for me and one for my husband, I realized I should probably find a new plate for our son to enjoy too. That's when I found the Mr. Food Face Plate. I have wanted one of these plates for years now, so finding that Uncommon Goods sells them made me happy! These plates are so much fun and make eating meals even funner. My son always looks forward to the new funny faces that show up with each meal. It's really a treat to get to enjoy this kind of foodie fun. The plate is made of food-safe ceramic so it's best for kids ages 3 and up. This is probably my most favorite item in the whole box, because it is just too much fun. The options are endless, making this guys funny face and enjoying meal after meal full of laughs.

The last item of my Uncommon Goods package were two pair of men's socks, purchased especially for my hubby.  He loves to wear bold and fun socks with his business attire, so I chose the Men's Burger Socks because they are silly and he loves burgers, and the Men's Bullseye Socks, because the Army ones weren't available haha. Both pair of socks our equally comfy, made of a cotton and spandex blend, while correct to fit. The designs are bright and bold, making them fun for every day wear!

I have enjoyed all my Uncommon Goods items, and definitely recommend them for your future purchases. Whether you need a gift for the upcoming wedding or baby shower, birthday or anniversary, housewarming or just because, there are a ton of exciting items and great gift options to choose from. Visit to check out all the amazing products!

I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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