Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks Great For Teething!

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Are your teething babies ready to enjoy a mid morning or afternoon snack?

 Baby Mum Mums has a delicious selection of easy to nibble teething rice biscuits. These biscuits are made of premium, gmo free, Japonica Rice, without gluten or dairy and excludes most common allergens including wheat, salt, nuts, eggs, tapioca, and sugars. These biscuits are made with natural products and do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are baked to perfection and come ready to eat.

Baby Mum Mums are such a fun little treat to give your teething baby or toddler. I love how soft and edible these crackers are, and that they dissolve easily so your little one can munch on them with ease. There are a handful of great flavors to choose from for a nice variety in snacks, even older children and adults may find these tasty! I have tried each of the flavors: Vegetable, Blueberry & Goji, Sweet Potato & Carrot, Apple & Pumpkin, and Banana. My favorite ones have to be the more fruity kind, top being Banana and second favorite being the Blueberry & Goji. They have a nice natural fruitiness but not overly sweet and has the perfect hint on flavor.

These biscuits are great for a low sweetened healthier munchie and give the perfect introduction of your babies eating snack like foods. I think my only downfall with them is they break easily. Otherwise they are perfect little crackers to start your kids off on! 

    You can find Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks in a variety of flavors, available in most grocery stores near you. You can also visit to find more information and products. As well as find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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