Kid's Review on the Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure

Another review written by my son! This is his 2nd post* of all time, on the awesome Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure.

"If you want Anti-Venom, don't settle for Marvel Legends. Buy this guy instead! He is around 7 inches tall, which is 1 inch taller then Hasbros, He looks WAAAAAYYYY cooler! Like, look at his claws. Look at his head! He has so much more detail and is made from harder plastic then Hasbros, letting you play HARDER!

He comes with a rocky, wood covered stand with symbiote spikes! The ONLY bad thing about him is the spikes on his back. They are sharp, so just be a LITTLE careful! Besides that, he is awesome! And if you buy him, Diamond Select Carnage, and Venom, then THAT WILL BE THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION!!!

I ALSO like to have him fight Wolverine!"

 You can find the Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure available on Amazon for a great price!

*Check out his first review on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine HERE.  

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