Swerve: The Ultimate Sugar Replacement

 Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

Getting my Swerve on with Swerve: The Ultimate Sugar Replacement! 

Swerve is an excellent substitute for sugar, as it is made through a unique process of taking the glucose from GMO-Free fruits and starchy root vegetables grown in the U.S. and France. They ferment that glucose with natural microorganisms brewed inside of brewery tanks, and this fermentation creates a compound called erythritol. Then enzymes are added which break down the starch in the root vegetables, creating oligosaccharides. Natural Citrus flavor is the last addition, making the complete product of: Swerve.

   Swerve is great for those with diabetes as it has zero calories and it's non-glycemic so it will have no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. It also does not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. You can use this product just as you would sugar, it even browns and caramelizes right! Swerve comes in both granular and confectioner sweetener, and they also have different baking mixes! I made a Lemon Pudding Cake with a Lemon Swerve Glaze using Swerve's Confectioner Sweetener. I was amazed with how identical this stuff is to Powdered Sugar! It made the perfect frosting, but the taste is super sweet. I found it to be much sweeter than Powdered Sugar, and it has a cool sensation as well. I feel that less sweetener can be used, which is great because it will last longer but sweeten just as well. It worked great sprinkled across pancakes too!

Swerve is a fantastic sugar substitute that really brings a lot of flavor!

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I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

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